My favourite festival is Christmas. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is an important festival in theWest. I love this festival because it brings a long holiday to us to enjoy ourselves.

        Every year before Christmas, my family and I buy some presents for relatives and friends. We decorate our house with a lot of festive decorations. We put up a Christmas tree in the living room and we decorate the tree with little angels, many beautiful bells and some little Santa Clauses. We also place a big star on top of the tree.

        On Christmas Eve, my sister and I put stockings beside our beds, and my parents secretly put some gifts inside the stockings. I will also put gifts secretly under the pillows of my parents to surprise them.

        During Christmas time, we have Christmas parties. I have parties with my family, relatives and friends. We prepare a lot of food such as turkey, Christmas cake, chicken wings and sausages. At the parties, I give Christmas cards to everyone and we exchange gifts with each other. Together we sing Christmas carols.


Christmas is fun. I love this festival very much.